Wow, I can't believe I'm having to make a second archive...guess it can be credited to all the strange and wacky people I chat with....?

Still Haven't Had Enough?!

Ricki, L@dy and Mimosa Hula-la-la!

Cricket Now we know why we don't see her too much anymore...*g*

Blues Yikes! Shake it fast! *l*

Go-Go Would you like a burger with that shake? *l*

Some of the gals.. Hot'n'Spicy!

Rockwind Ram-Rock!

Sun and Cheri Watch out possum...you could end up being dinner!

Leece The Phantom is no menace to her!

Sundance *kicking Fabio AND Blues aside* *lol*

Mose, Leo and Assassin Strange things come in 3's!

Savannah Groovy Gal

Stonewall and Assassin Aqua Men?

Lamplight Art? Smut? You decide...*l*

Louis The secret ingredient!

Cass She looks hungry! *l*

Ricki Tragic Tale...*tsks*

Asa Looking for Snoopy?

Foxy Oh my!

The Gummies Sticky Situation...

Thunderr ...and friends :)

Cherad Truly Obsessed Golfer!

Assassin Doin' his thing...

Loralie and Jeff Gordon "NaaaaaasCar you have there jeff!

Stonewall Ehhhhhh!

Jockey and Leece Fun with Dick and Jane :)

Asa Brain Drain? Eek! *l*

Foxy Sister Mary Very... habit forming

Louis Baked Potato?

Bette and Cricket Chat Furbies :)

Lamplight Ouch!

? Guess ? *Warning: Nudity*

Foxy Preaching her beliefs

Blues *biting tongue*

Louis, Rock, Asa, Blues Lords of the Prance?

Bluey Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Sundance and Cherri Chivalry in Green

Sundance The 'Ole....

Leo It isn't easy being green...

Loralie and Snidely Ya know what they say about bunnies huh? *l*

Blues What's that horrid smell?

Lori It won't hurt a bit...

Blues A Warning!

Harmonikat Bad Hair Day

Mithrandir The 'Wiz' who made it all possible...

Stonewall Mmmmmm...bet it tastes like chicken

Dano Kitschi Pet

Some of the Chatters... Digital Communication? *l*

Blues ..and his good friend Maryjane

Harmonikat, Chelsea, Cricket, Avery, JJ, Tackler, Whip, Marcus The Faculty

Louis and Deb (Mrs. Blues) Step aside blues, you're no match for Guatemalan charm!

Mose Career Move

Baf T and A?!

Baf All Duct Up

Mose "Oh honey, you can clap me 'ON' anytime!"

Whip and Sundance National Treasures?

MichaelM Mikey Horror Picture Show??

Lamplight This is getting complicated...

Mentos Get Your Day Off to a Great Start!

L@dy and Ricki Trying for an A+

Lamplight Exposing his organ!!

Blues and Thunderr Cinder-ellas?

Whip, Sundance, Blues 3 Stooges

Tackler Icky?

Mich@el "I reckon we gonna have stew fer dinner pa."

Snidely DO have a cow...

Sundance But it just might make hair grow on your chest..

Leece, Jen J, foxy and ? All the Rage? One must wonder about our youth...

Bluey While in Rome...

Pati ...that's Pati-Longstocking

Ricki How to start the day...

Harmonikat Burnt?

Asa and Foxy Always remember to disinfect!

Marcus Lots 2 Luv

Baf Gargal

Cass Be careful what you email to me..*g*

MichaelM hahahahaha...

Leo Why he lives in S.A.

Asa "I really need to find new employment"

Blues Now he has his own, he can stop posting that other one! *l*

Leece I Double Dog Dare Ya!

Foxy "Hello, my name's Foxy and I'll be taking tare of all of your nursing needs."

Pati Visiting the Lorena Bobbit memorial

Cherad And he pretends to be a golf Pro *snicker*

MichaelM and Harmonikat Hosers!

Ricki Got Milk?

Foxy and Avery A Weenie Bit of a Stretch I think?

Stonewall Poor Alibi

Cricket Who says politics isn't fun??

Asa and Blues Beach Blanket Bleech!

Leo So that's what you call it!

Assassin A 90's Kinda Guy

Mose Tantrum

Whip "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..lalala..."

MichaelM ...or is it great-grandma Malloy?

Harmonikat Cajuns Like it Hot

Blues ...and his pom-poms *g* (4000 hits)

Baf All in a Day's Work

MichaelM You find the strangest things on Ebay!

Jockey Calling all lonely ladies...

Leo Babe Magnet

Loralie and Whiplash Bizarre Brushstrokes

Mentos Public Servant

Leo Oh Crud!

Whip Having a Garth moment...

Mimosa Near, far...wherever you are...

MichaelM Beaver Fever

Chelsea If only...

Baf and Friend A devout democrat indeed!

Bluey Who says Aussie men aren't macho??

Sorcy Life Lessons

Cherad A Hole in One or One in Hole?

Whip and Lori What Whip dreams of?

Rockwind Love Stinks

Cherri Blossom What Sundance dreams of?! *l*

Louis and Blues Fumb Ducks?

L@dy Domestic Goddess

Avery What alLURE!

Leo Trendy Tissue Dispenser

Louis Cool!

Marcus, Thunder, Harmonikat Upchuck Angels..

Jennifer Juniper ..and her kiwis? *lol*

Jockey The answer to your question ladies...*l*

Rockwind and date Love Children

Jennifer Juniper So What's the Big Deal Anyhow??

L@dy Pardon the Pun *l*

Harmonikat Oh shoot! Where the heck is my candalabra??

Louis Ex-squeeze me?

Dano In the interest of Science...

Mose Supermose?

L@dy Double-D-40?

Pati Who ...and her new pal

Cass and L@dy A little Saturday afternoon fun..

Sundance I've heard him been called a sphynxter on a few occasions *g*

Baf and Pati And they say produce is good for you!

Sorcy Beware of spells!

Foxy Ask Foxy, she knows what's best...*s*

Cass Now we know why she's always so pleasant!

Blues and Geek friends A lesson in coolness?

Assassin Hold the jalapenos next time please!

Lori With really huge mammalian protruberances!

Savannah, Esmé, Chelsea, Louis, Dead Angel, MichaelM, Harmonikat Can-Chat?

MichaelM "I am NOT AN ANIMAL!!!"

Southbelle Spring Fever

Baf She and Timothy Leary go wayyyy back :)

Tackler Wot!? R U serious?

Assassin Looking not soooo dangerous...*s*

Blues 5000 Hits

Avery You just can't get good 'help' anywhere anymore...

Thunderr, Leo and Asa The Cyber Inquisition?!!

Sundance Oh No!

Blues 1000 hits!

Baf and Michael Canadian Charm?

Lamplight Getting ready for dinner guests...

Harmonikat Humble Beginnings

Blues The latest in home decor trends...

Leo su-moo!

Blues Such A Nutty Guy! Ha!Ha!

Whip Narly Grinders Man!

Harley and Cass Animal Quackers

Harmonikat How to make a Harmonikat whistle... *g*

Louis, Blues and Rockwind A barrel of laughs? *g*

Blues He flips for cats! :)

Leo Cat Napping...

Savannah, Avery, Louis, Patiwho and Cherad "Birds of a Feather"

Dano Ahhh! Kat Kong!

Bette, Stolen Moments, South and Cricket Pretty in Pink!

Blues 3000 Hits

DA, JJ, Cricket and Lamplight In the doghouse?

Blues 6000 hits!

Blues...yet again Swine Flu :)

L@dy Beware of the 'WEB' cyberfolk!

Well, if you've made it this far, you must certainly share my warped sense of humour ;) ...Do Sign My Guestbook or I may just hunt you down, steal your pic and do horrible things to your head! *l*


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