've met some folks online and think you know them pretty well huh? Well, chatters aren't always what they appear. This page will serve to expose the true identities behind some of the web people I've come to know.

Brace yourself!
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Some Well-Known Chatters Revealed...

Louis In search of his 'Jane'...

Sundance Ah, now we understand..!

Mentos & Tackler "All seems to be in order..?"

Dead Angel "...and that's what I'm so afraid of..."

Baf Gee, wonder why my date duct out so early?

Harmonikat it's about this huh?

Jennifer Juniper All in the interest of good health

Mosehow the game is REALLY played.

Rose Nicole Winter frolickiing

Ricki The importance of good posture

Cherad Best foot forward?

Michaelm "It's how you look that counts, dahlink!"

Cassandra She'll have nun of that nonsense!

Blues Bet he'll regret posting this one.. *g*

Whiplash A boyscout should always be prepared!

Stonewall-It's a bird, it's a's Ketchup man! 'l' (A Stonewall Creation) 's'

Baf- Enjoying her 9 lives

Blues-Warning: Crack Kills!!

Foxy-Keeping 'abreast' of local laws

Cherad-Some things never change

Rockwind- Half the man he used to be

Leece and Lamplight- A little off the top?

Jennifer Juniper- My Bud Spud

Leo and Mose- Dance Lesson

Whiplash- Ah, c'mon, sign it! haha...

Harmonikat- Turning over a new...petal?

Flavia- Babe or....?

Tackler- How to get women...

Cassandra- A worthwhile cause!

l@dy and Baf- "E" 4 Effort!

Jocky and Asa- Workplace Hazard

Foxy- Yikes!

Sorcy- Miss Manners said so!

Wolfie- Something to Howl About..

Mentos- Mentos-cide?

Blues- Well Done?

Michaelm- It's important to leave your mark...

Loralie and Whip- Marital Bliss

Scroll down to find the link to page two! Further additions pending permission and inspiration. Check back later...and remember, the net is full of strange and interesting (sometimes scary!) characters...

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