I'm having way too much fun doing these. Unfortunately the first page was getting a little crowded so I've moved some of the pics here....
Just in case you haven't had enough...
Leo A simple nose kiss tamed this one... :)

Blues He always makes my head spin!

Foxy Not that this one comes as a big surprise to any who know her

Blues and L@dy How it all started?

Sundance Coochie Coo!

Leo, Jocky, MichaelM, Tackler, Marcus, Stonewall, Mose What some of the guys do when they aren't chatting...

Southbelle Hide your Oreos!

Louis MerLouis!

Sundance Aye! Aye!

Stonewall SandStone?

Me! A face only a mother could love

Louis Louis with his favourite beverage

Blues and Marcus Tutu cute!

L@dy Holy smokes Batman!

Sundance and Cherri Blossom Good Heavens!

Blues By request *eyeroll*

Ricki 'cause she loves kitties so very much :)

A Pest! Eeeek! *squish*

Tackler hoo-ROO!

Blues and Whiplash Buzzed Out?

Loralie Beary Funny!

Rockwind and Ricki Rock'n'Ricki?

Blues (my favourite victim, er, I mean subject) Inspired by Cowgirl

Loralie Lori wanted to be a glow worm!

Stolen Moments What a crock...!

Harmonikat A little East Coast enthusiasm :)

Baf, Cass and Holly The Fungus Among Us

Cass, Baf, Blues, Sundance, Foxy, Cherri and Whip Bathing Babes

Michael, Mose and Harmonikat Asparaguys

Cassandra Able to chat and complete an MBA in a single bound!

MichaelM Michael is always clowning around, he loves to purposely make typos just to keep everyone laughing...

Whiplash Super Whip (among other aliases)

Bette There's no place like home!

Louis Happy now? *l*

Cowgirl Anyone who knows her knows she's a dear

Possum Our chat mascot?

Bafundaette Ever vigilant in scouring the net for creepy creatures and such!

Patiwho and...? Looks familiar doesn't he?

Rockwind It's a bird, it's a plane...it's skater Rock!

Baf and MichaelM Living dolls

Leo I repeat, true chatter identities revealed! *l*

Marcus A babe in cyberland?

Rockwind Flipping his lid?

Southbelle Move over Martha!

Mose Mon Dieu!

Baf Who you gonna call?

Cass The knee bone's connected to the....BZZZZZZZ!

Sundance and Cherri Out on a limb...

Whip and Loralie Tearing up the carpet

Holly I think she loves him, and that's what I'm so afraid of...!

You figure it out! X Marks the Spot

Lamp, Ricki, Sorcy, Tackler Bonza Ballet

Snidely The lesser known Brady

Asa Batman Unmasked!

Dead Angel Now I understand why he's always so morose...

Rockwind No time, NO place... NO WAY!

Whip and Harmonikat Nothing could be finer than to wake up with a shriner!

Blues Cute Trick huh? *g*

Blues Teacher doesn't want this one!

Baf It's a Bafferfly!

Blues Richard 'Blues' Simmons

Jocky Full of hot air?

Loralie, Whip, Louis, Leo Eenie, meenie...?

Blues * kicking Fabio aside*

Marcus After a wild night on the town?

Cherad Milk, it does the body good!

Patiwho Play Nice...!

Stonewall Are you lonely tonight?

Avery Giggles by Elmo

Thunderr Yee-ha!

Cherad Obedience school dropout

Pam L@dy bug

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Hope you've gotten as much enjoyment from viewing my silly pic alterations as I've had making them. Do Sign My Guestbook and let me know which were your favourites :)


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